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The APDU spying tool

SCardSpy is a small utility used to "spy" on the APDU exchanges between a target application and the smart card readers present on the system.

It consists of two parts: a "fake" winscard.dll , present on the installation directory and a configuration tool. The dll must be copied to the same folder as the application that we want to spy on. The configuration tool enables us to change the default directory where the APDU logs are created.

The following functions are traced :

  • SCardConnectA and SCardConnectW
  • SCardControl
  • SCardDisconnect
  • SCardGetAttrib
  • SCardSetAttrib
  • SCardTransmit
  • SCardBeginTransaction
  • SCardEndTransaction
  • SCardStatusA and SCardStatusW
  • SCardGetStatusChangeA and SCardGetStatusChangeW

The setup is available here : download . (A zipped version is here ).

Please contact us if you need a 64-bit version.


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