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UPX universal binary for MacOSX

UPX is a free multiplatform packer for executable and dlls. Unfortunately, the official web site doesn't contain binaries for the Apple MacOSX platform. Since we needed it for our development, we had to compile a version ourselves.

You will find below the universal binary for version 3.09 of UPX, release December 18th 2013. It runs under MacOSX 10.4 Tiger and above, and it comes with the LZMA compression support.

The most important change in this version is "Allow for code signing and LC_UUID on Mac OS X executables". Finally, we can digitally sign UPX compressed executables for MacOSX 10.8.

Don't forget to add "--lzma" option to the command line in order to use LZMA.

To download UPX with LZMA support : click here .

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